3D Keepnet arm Short

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€ 12,48

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3D Keepnet Arm Matrix

This straight arm is available in both short (9cm) and long (28cm) sizes and is perfect for keepnets or other accessories. Fitted with a Snag-Free knuckle the 3D Keepnet Arm swivels infinitely to any position for accurate positioning of accessories.
• 3D head fits 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round legs
• Available in short (9cm) and long (28cm) options
• Swivels to any position
• Built-in tightening collar The new Matrix 3D Seatbox Accessories have removable inserts that offer brilliant versatility as they fit all popular seatboxes with round 25mm, 30mm and 36mm legs. Fitted with a Matrix Snag-Free adjustment knuckle that prevents line getting snagged on the adjustment wheel, the new 3D accessories are the most advanced available and are infinitely adjustable. All 3D accessory arms have a double pinned connection between the knuckle and arm for additional strength and locking nut next to the screw thread for perfect positioning of accessories like rod rest heads.

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